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Wouldn't Recommend This But...

Luckily for this guy everything this particular situation worked out to his advantage. It's one thing to fight back if you're left with no other choice .Quite another in a situation like the one captured on the video.

This is a good instructional video on what not to do. Had the robber in this video holding the gun been really intent on taking someone's life, as you can see from his actions in the video, things could have gone downhill very quickly for the victim.

There are thugs out there who have no regard for another persons life, some even look forward to the opportunity of pulling the trigger to gain a twisted sense of respect from their thug fraternity.

And there lies the problem, you can't tell what's in a persons heart and mind. The person being robbed actually had to close the distance and walk straight towards the robber to do what he did. No doubt based on what he  said afterwards he was already thoroughly fed up a few other things going on in his life.

 That caused him to put his life on the line very recklessly. So happy that he didn't wind up paying the ultimate price.









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