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Personal Safety Tips: Walking Alone at Night

Most of us know not to walk alone at night. We have heard enough stories that have given us incentive to make plans that will keep us out of unsafe situations. But, sometimes even against our best efforts, we may have to walk alone at night. What can we do if we are out late and end up by ourselves? Quality self defense products coupled with these tips will not only help you feel safe, but will also help you avoid harmful situations:

Avoid Dark Areas

When walking back to your car or home at night, avoid dark alleyways and streets where it is easier for strangers to hide and harder for others to see you if do need help. Parks and areas with tall bushes should also be given distance, since bushes are prime areas for hiding.

Avoid Eye Contact With Strangers

Though most strangers that you will see out will probably not have ill intentions, but it is best to avoid eye contact with them. Eye contact or appearing “nice” had been known to give the wrong impression to a possible assailant. Also, do not talk with those you do not know: Avoid giving an impression of being naive and distracted.

Walk With Confidence

The combination of walking with confidence and avoiding eye contact gives the impression that you are someone who shouldn’t be bothered. Even if you don’t know where you are going or are a bit scared, this posture will give the appearance that you know exactly what you’re doing and where you’re going.

Stay Alert

Studies have shown that those who are on their phone and are unaware of their surroundings, are more likely to be targeted. Keep your gaze forward and utilize your peripheral vision; look behind you as well to see what’s going on behind you. Not only will you know what’s happening around you, but those who appear to be alert are less likely to be bothered.

Utilize Public Areas

When walking alone at night, make your way to your destination through well-lit, public areas where there might be more people. Also, if you think someone may be following you, slip into a public space, such as gas station, or other store; if need be, call the police.

Have Self-defense Products

These steps, plus a self-defense product of your choice, together, can help keep you safe. A variety of products are available, such as tasers, stun guns, pepper spray and mace, and many more made specifically for your needs. Shop Personal Safety Superstore’s full inventory!

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