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Diversion Safes: Your Next Security Upgrade

When looking to upgrade your security, you can feel overwhelmed with the number of home security products. How do you choose? And if you’re on a budget, what options do you have? If this is you, you may want a diversion safe!

Even if you feel your home is secure, you should still consider putting your valuables in a safe. They say that intruders will, on average, spend eight minutes in your home searching for valuables. Diversion safes are great, because they are inexpensive, hide your items in plain sight, and since intruders only spend eight minutes in your house, they most likely won’t hide your safe. If all of this sounds great, diversion safes can be a great option for you!

What is a Diversion Safe?

A diversion safe allows you to hide items in plain sight, because they look like a regular household item around your house. A diversion safe can be disguised as a coffee creamer, Starbucks cup, cleaning supplies, books, and more.

Why a Diversion Safe?

Diversion safes are inexpensive, and even if found, will appear to be a regular item, because most are weighted. Though there are benefits for regular safes, they can still be broken into; a diversion safe can be a great alternative for some items, especially those that you want in a easy access place in your house. Even though a diversion safe can be carried off easily, a thief must know what it is first, which is unlikely.

What Do You Put in a Diversion Safe?

Diversion safes can be great for hiding valuable jewelry, important keys, such as keys to your main safe, extra stores of cash, and depending on the size of your diversion safe, important documents.

Choosing a Diversion Safe?

The best way to choose a diversion safe is to think about what you need to store in your safe and then the best place to store your safe. Everyone has different needs and has different types of items around their home: You want your safe to look like a normal item that you would have in your house.

Home Security is a Must

Having the best security for your home comes in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your home, security threats, and your valuables. Diversion safes are a great option for keeping your valuables out, accessible, and yet secured. Personal Safety Superstore offers a variety of diversion safes: coffee creamer, paint cans, cleaning products, water bottles and more! Unsure what you need? Contact us with any questions!

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