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  • Woman Attacked By Intruder At Work

  • What’s in Your Survival Kit?

    Depending on your upbringing, you may have been taught basic wilderness survival. For those of you who were not, one of the things you need to remember is the rule of threes: You can die from extreme cold in three hours, die from dehydration in three days, and die from hunger in three weeks. What do you do if you find yourself stranded in the wilderness?

    One of the best ways to “deal” with the situation when you are stranded in the wilderness, is to be prepared. To do so, you should not only have natural survival knowledge, but also have a survival pack with you full of personal self defense products and survival devices whenever you are in the outdoors. Here are essential items for your survival kit:

    Water Filter

    As said, anyone can die from dehydration in three days. If you have to, you can drink straight from water sources, but if you are stranded in the wilderness for a prolonged period of time, you can contract water-borne illnesses; many of the side effects of these diseases are diarrhea, which causes dehydration, so, even if you have a water source you can still die from dehydration. This is one reason why a water filter should be a part of your pack.


    A knife is a multi-purpose survival tool; it can not only be used as a weapon, but it can also be used as a means of getting food, and making shelter. As we saw in the movie adaptation of Aron Ralston’s survival story, having a sharp knife is pertinent to survival, and a sharp high quality knife is absolutely essential.


    A survival expert’s rule is to always pack more than enough food. How much food will depend on the length that you plan to be out; for example, if you are going to be out and plan to eat about one snack bar, bring three bars. Great foods to bring with you are those that are nutrient rich. Even candy can be a great option to help declining blood recover quickly.  


    A firestarter is a must for a basic survival kit. Matches, flint, a lighter, are some of the most popular fire starter options. Before you go out, try out the firestarter; find one that works for you easily. Remember that when you use the item that you will be under stress and perhaps very cold.


    Though a flashlight would seem more of a tool for comfort, a flashlight can be essential to survival. A flashlight will not only help you avoid putting yourself in a dangerous situation, such as falling into a hole, falling on a sharp branch, but it could help alert those looking for you. Before you go out, be sure to have a dependable flashlight with fresh batteries. Larger flashlights can also be used as a means of self-defense against aggressive animals, as well.

    Emergency Blanket

    An emergency blanket is a great survival tool because it is compact and incredibly effective. Though the blanket, because it is made of a light material, will feel less comforting than a regular cloth blanket, it’s effectiveness for keeping a person warm is better than any other material and will ultimately outweigh the need for comfort.

    These are just a few of the self defense products that should be in your survival pack. Others can be, bear mace, rope, fishing line, map and compass, and a first aid kit. Be sure to check out our inventory of water filtration systems, knives, bear mace and other survival tools; and always feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

  • Diversion Safes: Your Next Security Upgrade

    When looking to upgrade your security, you can feel overwhelmed with the number of home security products. How do you choose? And if you’re on a budget, what options do you have? If this is you, you may want a diversion safe!

    Even if you feel your home is secure, you should still consider putting your valuables in a safe. They say that intruders will, on average, spend eight minutes in your home searching for valuables. Diversion safes are great, because they are inexpensive, hide your items in plain sight, and since intruders only spend eight minutes in your house, they most likely won’t hide your safe. If all of this sounds great, diversion safes can be a great option for you!

    What is a Diversion Safe?

    A diversion safe allows you to hide items in plain sight, because they look like a regular household item around your house. A diversion safe can be disguised as a coffee creamer, Starbucks cup, cleaning supplies, books, and more.

    Why a Diversion Safe?

    Diversion safes are inexpensive, and even if found, will appear to be a regular item, because most are weighted. Though there are benefits for regular safes, they can still be broken into; a diversion safe can be a great alternative for some items, especially those that you want in a easy access place in your house. Even though a diversion safe can be carried off easily, a thief must know what it is first, which is unlikely.

    What Do You Put in a Diversion Safe?

    Diversion safes can be great for hiding valuable jewelry, important keys, such as keys to your main safe, extra stores of cash, and depending on the size of your diversion safe, important documents.

    Choosing a Diversion Safe?

    The best way to choose a diversion safe is to think about what you need to store in your safe and then the best place to store your safe. Everyone has different needs and has different types of items around their home: You want your safe to look like a normal item that you would have in your house.

    Home Security is a Must

    Having the best security for your home comes in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your home, security threats, and your valuables. Diversion safes are a great option for keeping your valuables out, accessible, and yet secured. Personal Safety Superstore offers a variety of diversion safes: coffee creamer, paint cans, cleaning products, water bottles and more! Unsure what you need? Contact us with any questions!

  • Which Self-defense Product is Best?

    Most of us don’t like to think about a negative encounter with an assailant, unfortunately we all need to be prepared for the unexpected. One of the best ways to protect yourself is to have your own personal safety non-lethal weapon. When there is a wide variety of self-defense products available for your personal safety how do you choose the right one for you? Here are some of the pros and cons for the most popular products.   

    Mace and Pepper Spray

    Mace and pepper spray are the same thing; mace is a brand of pepper spray. Pepper spray impairs the assailant visually, causing pain and tears, and sometimes temporary blindness. This kind of non-lethal self-defense product has several pros including being easily carried because of it’s small and discreet size, most are very affordable, and each has a great range of use.

    Despite pepper spray’s many pros, it does have some a con: The spray direction can be affected by wind, sometimes blowing towards the victim and losing some or all of its effectiveness in disabling the assailant.

    Stun Guns and Tasers

    Stun guns use a high voltage to stun or cause temporary paralysis, and, like pepper spray, are small and discreet in size. Though effective and relatively inexpensive, stun guns have a limited range, because most have to be touching the assailant to be used.

    The taser on the other hand has greater range because its metal probe darts are shot out of the gun, and like the stun gun cause temporary paralysis. The disadvantages of a taser is that both metal probes must hit the target to be effective, also taser devices can be an investment. Both devices must be charged before use.


    Another self-defense product available is the kubotan, a keychain size metal piece with a cylindrical pointed tip, that is jabbed into the assailant’s tender areas and pressure points with force. Kubotans are reusable, small in size and easily carried on one’s keys. As with the stun gun, kubotans must be used in close range and those who wish to use it well, should receive training.

    Personal Safety Devices

    There are many types of non-lethal weapons that one can carry such as a whistle or noisemaker, blowgun, throwing stars, and knives. Before choosing your self-defense weapon, do a little research and find what will be the most comfortable for you to use. Check out Personal Safety Superstore’s wide selection of personal safety weapons and devices.

  • Personal Safety Tips: Walking Alone at Night

    Most of us know not to walk alone at night. We have heard enough stories that have given us incentive to make plans that will keep us out of unsafe situations. But, sometimes even against our best efforts, we may have to walk alone at night. What can we do if we are out late and end up by ourselves? Quality self defense products coupled with these tips will not only help you feel safe, but will also help you avoid harmful situations:

    Avoid Dark Areas

    When walking back to your car or home at night, avoid dark alleyways and streets where it is easier for strangers to hide and harder for others to see you if do need help. Parks and areas with tall bushes should also be given distance, since bushes are prime areas for hiding.

    Avoid Eye Contact With Strangers

    Though most strangers that you will see out will probably not have ill intentions, but it is best to avoid eye contact with them. Eye contact or appearing “nice” had been known to give the wrong impression to a possible assailant. Also, do not talk with those you do not know: Avoid giving an impression of being naive and distracted.

    Walk With Confidence

    The combination of walking with confidence and avoiding eye contact gives the impression that you are someone who shouldn’t be bothered. Even if you don’t know where you are going or are a bit scared, this posture will give the appearance that you know exactly what you’re doing and where you’re going.

    Stay Alert

    Studies have shown that those who are on their phone and are unaware of their surroundings, are more likely to be targeted. Keep your gaze forward and utilize your peripheral vision; look behind you as well to see what’s going on behind you. Not only will you know what’s happening around you, but those who appear to be alert are less likely to be bothered.

    Utilize Public Areas

    When walking alone at night, make your way to your destination through well-lit, public areas where there might be more people. Also, if you think someone may be following you, slip into a public space, such as gas station, or other store; if need be, call the police.

    Have Self-defense Products

    These steps, plus a self-defense product of your choice, together, can help keep you safe. A variety of products are available, such as tasers, stun guns, pepper spray and mace, and many more made specifically for your needs. Shop Personal Safety Superstore’s full inventory!

  • Abducted While Taking a Selfie

    Teacher Abducted While Taking a Picture

    It seems like you can't let your guard down even for a second these days. Here's a woman in broad daylight getting abducted off of the street and forced into her own car and sexually assaulted in the blink of an eye.

    Make awareness your primary self defense mechanism. It's sad to think about having to be so alert in broad daylight in a good residential or commercial area, but cases like this should serve as a wake up call.

    You can't always depend on a bystander stepping in to come to the rescue or to even call for help

    Once someone already has a gun out and aimed at you, there isn't much you can do even with pepper spray a stun gun or a gun of your own for that matter.

    At this point you would have to appear to comply until you can find your opportunity. With someone attacking with a gun this is no easy feat and requires specific training.

  • Robber Stopped Cold With Bear Repellant

    I doubt this criminal will ever come back. He may change from a life of crime to walking the straight line.That's what more crooks need to fear the victim.

  • Store Owner Threatened With Machete

    This is why having something that you can quickly access that has instant stopping power is so important.
    Especially the people that are most vulnerable to an attack.Store Owners!

  • Why You Need Quick Defense

    Fortunately for her it all ended well, if it weren't for the this video and all of media attention surrounding the abduction who knows what would have happened.

  • Wouldn't Recommend This But...

    Luckily for this guy everything this particular situation worked out to his advantage. It's one thing to fight back if you're left with no other choice .Quite another in a situation like the one captured on the video.

    This is a good instructional video on what not to do. Had the robber in this video holding the gun been really intent on taking someone's life, as you can see from his actions in the video, things could have gone downhill very quickly for the victim.

    There are thugs out there who have no regard for another persons life, some even look forward to the opportunity of pulling the trigger to gain a twisted sense of respect from their thug fraternity.

    And there lies the problem, you can't tell what's in a persons heart and mind. The person being robbed actually had to close the distance and walk straight towards the robber to do what he did. No doubt based on what he  said afterwards he was already thoroughly fed up a few other things going on in his life.

     That caused him to put his life on the line very recklessly. So happy that he didn't wind up paying the ultimate price.










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