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About Us


The story below that one of our customers sent in personifies our Mission:


I‘ll never forget the night that my wife and I were jolted awake from our sleep at 3 am one evening.

There was a bad storm that started early that evening that continued as we went to bed.

I’m normally a very light sleeper, can’t say the same for my wife… but on this day for some reason I was more exhausted than usual, so the rain hitting the windows like it was hail or something didn’t keep me awake. Fortunately there wasn’t too much house rattling thunder either, but there was a lot of lightening activity.

But I was out cold until about 3 am when we both popped up to the sound of the door bell ringing out of control… bing bong …bing bong nonstop.

We look at each like WTF is going on!

Thoughts start racing through my head.

Would some kids be doing doorbell ditch at 3am in a torrential downpour?

Is one of my neighbors seriously hurt or something?

The way this door bell is ringing I’m expecting pounding on the door to come next…

My thoughts go to, I didn’t hear a crash or any gun shots, but I know I have to see what’s going on.

I get up still groggy and go down stairs reluctantly I have to admit , the door bell still going like there is a madman pushing the button. I head to the kitchen first to grab a knife.

I don’t have a gun; with young kids in the house I thought that would not be a smart move, but right now I’m really wishing I had something more than a knife.

I go to the door and my last thoughts go to the push in robberies that you hear about or someone on the other side of the door like Jason from Halloween with his own knife and a hockey mask!

I opened the door.

And thank goodness nobody was there. The door bell was still ringing like crazy, no Jason, no robbers ready to push their way in and no kids running down the block in the pouring rain thankfully.  

I chalked it up to the electrical activity from the storm that somehow set off the door bell; I disconnected it and went back to bed.

I made sure after that night that I got my hands on a few non –lethal self defense weapons which I got from your company. Thank you for the non-lethal products you provide.

D. Ellis


That's what our Mission is all about

To be the most trusted online distributors of non lethal self defense products and surveillance equipment in the country. We specialize in Self Defense Pepper Spray, Personal Alarms, Mace, C2 Taser Devices', Stun guns and more. We are "The Self Defense Product Experts". Our goal is simple:

    To exceed customer expectations, while providing the highest quality self defense and surveillance products at the lowest prices.

We realize that our long term success and growth are directly related to the customers we serve. As a result we strive to earn "customers for life"!

We Make Sure Shopping Is 100% Safe and Secure with the latest encryption technology to keep information safe.